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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Paris of the Far East"

Two weeks seemed too short for a vacation in Shanghai, a city full of news and olds, excitements and history. As a local "Shanghainese", I found some tourist spots that attract me as well as visitors from all over the world, such as Xin-tian-di, and Tian-zi-fang.

These old stone buildings in Xin-tian-di were all renovated with modern interior and became bars, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques.

Tian-zi-fang is also an area full of "Shikumen" stone buildings that embodies the history of Shanghai. It was quite interesting to see various cultures and styles in just few blocks.

a Chinese traditional shoe store

a fashion boutique from Copenhagen

random shot~ "I <3 SH"

Last but not least, Shanghai's well known night scenes... I took this picture in a taxi. A few years ago I used to pass by it everyday after work. Oh well, sometimes New York City reminds me of it (but still not quite the same).

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