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Monday, March 14, 2011

Past Due: The Broken Carnival - New Orleans

Mardi Gras, masquerade parties, seafood gumbo, French cuisine, Voodoo, tornado disasters...  Few months ago I went to New Orleans for a 3 day vacation with Susan, an old friend that I hadn't seen for 5-6 years. Although it was a very short period of time, we had a blast in this old southern city.

I booked the hotel on Charles Ave, a main street right by the French Quarter. The room was pretty standard, with a really cute lobby. For 90% of the time we were in New Orleans, we walked everywhere.

Walking around the French Quarter was interesting. During the day there weren't many people on the street that we almost felt weird.. But after the first day we kinda figured that the local people only came out during the night... (really?!) LOL

The masks were everywhere even it was not Mardi Gras season.. (somehow people started calling a holiday "XXXX Week", then it became "XXXX season")

And of course we ate tons and tons and tons of food. It began with Cajun, followed with Acme Oyster House, then fried seafood, then Acme again.... They had pretty amazing soup too.

As the night fell, Bourbon Street became the heaven of all party animals. There were so many bars and clubs and lights.. People were having fun, singing and drinking on the streets - YES, drinking on the streets! I thought it was unbelievable. Susan and I were holding some Vodka bar-hopping along the street, for the first time in our lives.

The 3rd day we on a tour to see the ruins from Hurricane Katrina. Now that I'm recalling the tour, and thinking about what just happened in Japan, lives are so fragile in front of the nature. 2012 might just be a movie story, but for sure if human beings keep wasting energy, the world will be falling apart.

Susan seemed really happy when we went shopping on the last day. I was surprised to see stores like Saks, BCBG, and Anthropologie. What an interesting city.. I'm sure I will go back to New Orleans in the future - hopefully soon!

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