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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My 2011

It's a little too late to write about the year 2011 - I barely write any summary type of articles (I'm so bad at it). But I guess 2011 was just, an eventful and special year to me.

Shanghai, Beijing, Indiana, Florida, London, Edinburgh... I miss all these places where I had great memories.

Shanghai was amazingly fun, as always. I saw some friends I didn't see for over ten years. They looked the same, but somehow different.

Beijing was good and bad. I have a love/hate relationship with that city. I don't know how people live in such a huge but messy place - it could take 20 min to just cross the street. Although some of my best memories occurred in Beijing in my early 20s. Now every time I go there, it's like visiting that period time of my life.

Fireworks in Disney, Borough Market in London, the castles and whiskey bars in Edinburgh...

There were shames.. I planned to go to Lijiang and Morocco, but couldn't make it. Hope I can go this/next year, and blog about them..

Speaking of writing... I started this novel Manhattan Moonlight (in Mandarin) around June.  I started slow and it became... really slow! Sometimes I wish I could be more focused, or, alone.

This summary is becoming so boring.. ahhhh I guess I AM really bad at this. Why did I even start? (sigh face)

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